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The industry is becoming increasingly international in nature as companies and countries seek to cooperate in research, development, procurement and purchasing.  Defence and Security is one of the largest industry sectors in the world economy.  In the UK alone there are some 9000 companies connected with the sector, which directly supports around 100,000 jobs and generates export sales orders averaging £5 billion a year.

Whilst military systems and technology are at the core of the industry, the sector is also diversifying and adapting to meet the changing needs of the world.  Security can be threatened by humanitarian disasters, resulting in mass displacement of people or food and water shortages, terrorism or pandemic which can cause devastation in a similar manner to military engagement.

It is essential for the right senior decision makers and technical experts to come together.  It is in this dynamic environment that Clarion Events, portfolio of defence and security events are acknowledged as the world’s leaders.  This is where high level government officials and senior military personnel meet, with leading global equipment and services providers to share ideas, discuss industry developments, conduct business, develop partnerships and network for future growth.

The Shows  


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Date: 9-10 September 2014

Location: UK


Trauma Innovation

Date: 7-8 October 2014

Location: London, UK



Institute of Remote Health Care

Date: 7-8 October 2014

Location: UK


Austere Medical Environments

Date: 7-8 October 2014

Location: UK


Sea Air Space (managed on behalf of the Navy League of the United States)

Date: 13-15 April 2015

Location: Washington DC, USA


LAAD Defence and Security

Date: 14-17 April 2015

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil



Counter Terror Expo

Date: 21 - 22 April 2015

Location: London, UK



Date: 21-22 April 2015 

Location: London, UK



Date: 28-30 April 2015

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 



Forensics Europe Expo

Date: 29-30 April 2014

Location: London, UK


EW Europe

Date: 19-21 May 2015

Location: Edinburgh, UK


UDT - Undersea Defence Technology Europe

Date: 3- 5 June 2015

Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands



Land Forces Africa

Date: 5-8 July 2015

Location: Gauteng, South Africa



DSEI - Defence & Security Equipment International

Date: 15-18 September 2015

Location: London, UK



Maritime & Coastal Security Africa

Date: 8- 11 November 2015

Location: Cape Town, South Africa