Conferences / Confexes

Clarion Events Conferences are highly targeted, high level events created to deliver knowledge and networking for professionals. In each sector we serve, we aim to produce the leading event in terms of both quality and scale. Our flagship events regularly attract over 1000 senior executives.

Our conference research teams specialise in niche markets, enabling us to develop up-to-date programmes on industry issues. This ensures maximum opportunities for senior managers to expand their understanding, to learn from leading industry experts and to network with their peers. In turn, our sponsors and exhibitors benefit from highly targeted branding and business development opportunities with their core customers.

Market Sectors

Cards and Payments

Cards, Payments and Mobile Apps & Services

Banks, retailers, public services organisations, programme managers and processors are under pressure to keep up with the changing trends in consumer spending and develop payment solutions to meet new needs.



Energy is one of the most important sectors in the world economy today. Rapid economic growth in the developing world, coupled with climate change and increasing commodity prices, are increasing its strategic value as well as building pressure to develop new methods of production, power generation, transmission and metering.

Cards and Payments


Online gaming is a dynamic, growing sector of the global gambling industry. As people's lives become ever more connected to digital and mobile devices and gaming moves into the leisure sphere (driven by the industry and major consumer and entertainment brands) it increasingly is becoming another form of home entertainment. From large confexes to niche targeted events Clarion Gaming offers the chance to engage with the key decision makers in the sphere.

Life Sciences

The life sciences sector currently faces unprecedented challenges – patent expiries, downward pressure on healthcare spend, a lack of early stage funding, an aging population, and insufficient  R&D innovation, to name but a few. Phacilitate’s annual meetings provide a forum for leaders from across the sector to meet, learn from each other’s experiences, and benchmark their progress in implementing strategies to address these challenges against their competitors. The meetings are focused on the development of complex biologics, such as vaccines and cell therapies, and on therapeutic areas of significant unmet need and market opportunity, such as oncology and CNS.



Avren Events forms part of Clarion’s Telecoms, Media & Technology portfolio. Avren specialise in strategic and cutting edge global telecoms events for senior management. Avren’s programmes enjoy broad ecosystem support from leading service providers, tier 1 OEMs, industry associations and respected analysts. Through attention to detail and quality, Avren has gained a first class reputation, global brand and enviable speaker, sponsor and delegate community fostering significant goodwill amongst the fixed and mobile operator community.